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Our Services
Our programs and services are developed and implemented with great passion, dedication and expertise.  Our goal is to improve the quality of life for each individual we have the pleasure of assisting.  You are definitely Worth It! 

It is our belief that one must first renew their mind, believe in and love SELF in order to reclaim their lives. It all begins with the mindset and realizing your WORTH.

Rebuilding our Community

One Individual, 
One Family

One Neighborhood 
at a time...

Youth Development
In supporting the social and academic development of our youth, we are building the foundation to a brighter future.  We encourage our youth to build character and integrity in order to be positive and responsible citizens within our communities.  Our program focuses on the immediate need for quality intervention services.  We provide opportunities for youth to lead positive, productive lives through the following core areas: Education, Life & Social Skills, Arts & Cultural Enrichment, Career Development, Sports & Recreation and Health & Fitness.  
Homeless Outreach
We are dedicated to meeting the needs of the homeless community by meeting them where they are on their journey.  We are committed to improving their value of life. Our program provides direct services to homeless individuals and families by helping to identify immediate needs, providing intensive case management, community resources, temporary housing, housing assistance and referrals, job-readiness, food and personal care items. 
Women Empowerment
Women are a significant component of society. They face overwhelming responsibilities and issues daily. However, they have the power to influence communities and change the world. “Empowerment” is a key component in women living fulfilling lives. We are devoted to helping women succeed in business and in life. By encouraging women to break through barriers and create their own destiny, we ignite a power within. Our program encourages women to own their strength and inspires all women to leave their mark on society. We offer training classes, workshops, social and economic development, like skills and self-esteem building events.
Mentoring & Counseling
Having a healthy mind is critical to your overall health and well-being. When we take control of our thoughts and free ourselves from depression, addictions and other psychological problems, we can be more productive in our everyday life.  Our program is designed to help anyone facing life’s many challenges. We will help to identify and build upon existing strengths, while teaching new ways to cope with challenges. We are committed to helping our clients transform their minds and propel into their fullest potential.  
Men Services
Studies have shown that involvement of a father or a positive male role model has profound effects on children and society. We challenge all men to greatness and encourage them to take a stand, “man-up” and take control of their lives, hence, setting the foundation for stronger families, stronger communities and a brighter tomorrow. We empathize with the many challenges men face today. We provide a range of supportive services to men with the courage to change and have a positive impact on the lives of those they are connected to. 
Career Center
Do you:

  • ​Need help preparing for an interview?
  • Want to obtain your GED?
  • Need to refresh your computer skills or are you interested in studying a trade?

Our career center offers a variety of resources to fit your needs.  Contact us today and one of our dedicated staff will help shape the path to the career of your dreams!​