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Our Programs
We are passionate about seeing you succeed!  Our dedicated team is committed to change and providing necessary services to assist individuals and families to realize their worth, regain their independence and become positive, productive members of society. Our current programs include:
Midnight Missions
In Baltimore, at least 4,000 people will deal with homelessness on any given night; of that number 43% are women and children. Even more alarming is that this number does not include the hundreds of homeless youth that hide in plain sight.  We see them but yet we don't see them. Every Friday at 12 midnight, our team travels to the homeless communities in Baltimore to provide food, clothing, shelter/transitional housing resources, mental health information and medical attention.  We also provide a warm smile, sometimes a hug, along with encouragement to never give up, stay strong and know that brighter days are coming.  

Diamantis & Adamas Youth Development Program
Some of our youth today are very troubled.  They are delinquent, lack self confidence and esteem and are emotionally disturbed.  Some also struggle with insufficient support from their family and community.  They engage in negative acts, such as gangs and violence, to get a rush or have a sense of belonging to feel like they are a part of something.  They have no clear path to redemption and are in desperate need of a new beginning!  In order to reach our youth, we must meet them on their current level, incorporate positive influences and bring them up to their fullest potential.  Diamantis & Adamas is designed to improve the thought process of our youth, removing negative influences and replacing them with positive opportunities to become their absolute best.  Our program encourages youth to make a lifetime commitment to greatness by incorporating challenging and creative ways to engage our youth while still allowing them to be themselves, and in showing them better ways to portray their inner self.  We show youth how to maximize their existing strengths and abilities while elevating them to a level they have never experienced. 

Prom Dreamz
Prom season is an exciting time.  We aim to inspire confidence and self-worth in our youth. Each year we host a prom dress and tuxedo giveaway for students who cannot afford them. We also provide a full package to one deserving male and female student who may not be able to afford going to prom due to circumstances or for financial reasons. Our full package includes; a prom dress/tuxedo, hairstyle/haircut, accessories, manicure/pedicure, shoes and makeup.   The selected students must excel in all subject areas and provide service within their school and/or community.  We commend those students who take pride in their education and display outstanding academics while helping others in their school and community.
Bowls of H.O.P.E (Hunger Oppression Poverty Everywhere)
S.O.A.R (Succeed Overcome Achieve Restore)
So many families experience some form of homelessness every year.  Whether they are living in a homeless shelter or hotel or staying with family and friends, they lack a personal place to call home.  Many families go through the vicious cycle of homelessness year after year without receiving the necessary services and education to break through the homeless barrier and maintain their self-sufficiency.  Our goal is to eliminate homelessness altogether. S.O.A.R is a program designed to not only focus on providing quality human services to help homeless populations reach self-sufficiency, but to focus on healing the individual as a whole, repairing their broken spirits.  In helping the homeless to realize their self-worth and to show them that they matter, we can help them to love self enough to maintain productive lives, hence, eliminating homelessness.  S.O.A.R. equips our clients with the mindset that realizing your self-worth is invaluable and we all deserve to live the life we dream of.  
Bowls of H.O.P.E. is a community project focused on bringing awareness to the hunger epidemic in Maryland and to assist in the fight to end hunger.  We believe that no man, woman or child should ever go hungry and we are committed to taking action. Every year we paint bowls in recognition of those that go hungry daily.  The painted bowls are distributed at our annual charity event in which we raise funds to assist Baltimore families in need of food.  

Realizing your Worth

"Sometimes the hardest part of the journey 
is realizing you are worth the trip".

                                                          Glenn Beck